Summer Program Kings Road

Petra Magical Site on Horse Back 10 days program



  • Petra Classical Visit.
  • Red Sea Aqaba.
  • Crossing Magical site of Petra on Horse Back
  • 5 riding days kings Road.
  • Dead Sea.
  • The mosaic City Madaba.

Accommodation for 10 days Version (depends on availability):

  • Night 1&9 Mariam Hotel Madaba.
  • Night 2,3&4 Camping Shobak & Petra.
  • Night 5 Edom Hotel Petra.
  • Night 6 Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp Petra.
  • Night 7 Aqaba Aqua Vista.
  • Night 8 Wadi Rum Standard Camp.

A program designed to enjoy Jordan in the summer period from June to the end of September, riding on the high plateaus which culminate at 1600 meters and more. The high plateaus of the Shobak region in Petra offer the rider superb trails with breathtaking views of Israel and the Wadi Araba. Crossing old villages pastoral life of the mountain Bedouins. Your local team from Petra will introduce you to Jordanian traditions and the rich history of this unique itinerary from Shobak Castle to the pink city Petra 7 wonder of the world! Crossing the site on horseback at daybreak to arrive in front of the Khazneh, let our horses rest and take advantage of this day to pick up your mounts and leave the site in style with the Bedouins who are leaving the site…

Day 1 (Saturday except special date):

Arrival in Jordan, Madaba hotel Mariam or similar.

Day 2 (Sunday except special date):

Early departure for the road of kings in the footsteps of the crusaders. First visit to the castle of Kerak located 1.30 drive from Madaba about 115 km. Visit of the Castle, one of the most important fortresses built by the Crusaders. Renaud de Châtillon and the revenge of Saladin the siege of Kerak a story of more than 1000 that your local guide will tell you!

We continued our road towards Shobak for approximately 1 hour. Shobak Castle or Montreal Krak sits on a rocky outcrop over 900 meters. Perched dramatically like a ship on the crest of a hill, Shobak Castle was the fit tosnge of Sa-0orse-7cally like a ship on the crest of a hill, Shze:12px">We continutinuti of a hill, Shze:12px">